Sahodaya Cultural Fest Schedule 2018 
Aug 31 Fri SSC Last date to Register for QUIZ & Off Stage Items  
Sept 10 Mon Heritage India Quiz TAV
  12 Wed SSC IT Quiz  Nithyananda
  13 Thu  Sports  Quiz   PES Payyannur
  15 Sat Maths Quiz & Maths Olympiad   CV Kannur
  17 Mon G K Quiz Safa
  22 Sat ALL Writing Items Kadambur
      Digital Painting catg 1,2,3,4 S N Talap
  24 Mon SSC Last date to Register for SSC  Culturals - STAGE ITEMS  
  29 Sat PPT III  S N Talap
      ALL  Drawing Items: Pencil Drawing, Water Painting, Crayons,Oil painting, Cartoon,Poster,Collage: Marigiri
Oct 5 Fri  Science Quiz   CV Tmb
  8 Mon PPT IV  S N Talap
  12 Fri Mohiniyattam(2,3,4)
      Recitation Eng,Mal,Arabic (All) Nithyananda
      Light Music (All) Kasthurba
      Folk Dance (3,4) USS Knr
      Mono Act, Mimicry BVB Knr
      Instrumental Music Army
      Elocution Hindi
Extempore :English
  13 Sat Bharathanatyam(2,3,4)  CV KNR
      Recitation:Hindi,Sanskrit(All) Nithyananda
      Classical Music (All) Kasthurba
      Folk Dance (1,2) USS Knr
      Mappilappattu(All) BVB Knr
      Anchoring (All) Army
Extempore: Hindi, Malayalam
  15 Mon Last date to forward Result & Tabulation to the Seecretary ,SSC  
1.School can Register only with one Sahodaya which is nearer to the School
2. Registration Fee: OFF STAGE ITEM:Rs.100/- per participation
                                STAGE ITEM :Rs.150/- per participation
                                TEAM EVENTS:Rs.100/-per participant of the TEAM
3.Participation:One student can participate in 2 off stage items and 3 stage items ONLY
 if selected from school.
                                                       INDIVIDUAL                TEAM                                            
80% and above:     A Grade       5 points                    10 points
70 % to 79%     :     B Gradw     3 points                      6 points
60% to 69%      :     C Grade       1 point                       2 points
ALL A Grade will be awarded Certificates and Mementos.
Other Grades will be gven Certificates only
5.The TOP TWO scorers at the Sahodaya level will be eligible to participate at the State level.
6.Judges  will be provided by Sahodaya
7.Even if there is only ONE entry for an item,the competition shall be conducted and Grade,Prize and points will be awarded.
8.After conduct of the event, Result with % of marks & Report should be forwarded
to Secretary, SSC within 2 days
Note:Registration should be done on line