(Sahodaya Sports Calender 2018-19 (Modified on 14th Sept 2018)
\ Dt Day EVENT Venue 
June 30 Sat Last date to Register Teams for the Tournament/Games -on line  
July 4 Wed PET Training -Rope Skipping S N Talap
  7 Thu 9.30a.m. to 3p.m. PETs Training Programme
Mr.Shinil,Athletic Coach,Physical Education Director,Nirmalagiri College
  11 Wed SSC Shuttle Badminton U17 Fazal E Omar,Koodali
  12 Thu SSC Shuttle Badminton U14 Fazal E Omar,Koodali
  13 Fri SSC Shuttle Badminton U19   Fazal E Omar,Koodali
  16 Mon SSC Chess ,  U19 Safa
  17 Tue SSC Chess , U14,  Safa
  20 Fri SSC TABLE TENNIS  U 14,U17, U19 Marigiri Marygiri
      ALL Events from Sept onwards Cancelled at Sahodaya level  
Feb 27 Wed SSC 11.30a.m. PETs meeting CBB
Rules :
1.School can Register only with one Sahodaya which is nearer to the School
2. Registration Fee: Individual Event: Rs.100/- per participation
                                TEAM EVENTS:Rs.100/-per participant of the TEAM
3. Participation:One student can participate in only one age group,except relay 
                              INDIVIDUAL                TEAM                                            
I Prize       :         5 points                    10 points
II Prize     :         3 points                      6 points
III Prize    :        1 point                        2 points
5. For Uniformity,Trophies will be arranged by Sahodaya
6. CBSE Rules will be followed for the conduct of Sports Events
7.Events are identified as per  CBSE list of Events
8. In case Sports council initiates competition for the schools following Central syllabus, and if dates & events clash with Sahodaya Dates,  Schools can take decision about participation and inform the Secretary Sahodaya on time.
Secretary Sahodaya