ACTIVITY SCHEDULE 2019-2020    ( modified on 15th Mar 2019)
Month Dt Day EVENT Venue 
May Sahodaya letter to all Old & New CBSE Schools in Kannur District
June 10 Mon SSC Last date to update School Profile & Registration Form (Performa A)
      Last date to upload AISS/AISSC Exam result 2018(Performa B)  
  27 Thu ssc Last date to upload School Details -Performa C
  28 Fri SSC Last date to Register Teams for the Tournament/Games on line
  29 Sat SSC 10a.m. Executive,.11a.m.PET Meeting, 2p.m.1st Principal's Meeting  CBB
Submit hard copy of Performa A,B,C along with Annual /Registration Fee
July 2 Tue SSC Chess  Safa,Mattul
  3 Wed SSC Chess   Safa,Mattul
8th July -Academic Assesment to commence  (PT*1- IX-X)       (UT** III to VIII,XI-XII)
  13 Sat SSC 9.30a.m.Executive,10 a.m. 2nd Principals meeting BVB,Kannur
      11a.m. Academic Excellence Award  -Navaneetham  
  22 Mon SSC Shuttle Badminton U14  Fazal E Omar
  23 Tue SSC Shuttle Badminton U17 Fazal E Omar
  24 Wed SSC Shuttle Badminton U19   Fazal E Omar
  27 Sat SSC TABLE TENNIS  Marygiri
Aug 13 Tue SSC Swimming CV Kannur
17th  Aug  -Academic Assesment to commence (PT1  III-VIII, I Term XI,XII)       (UT IX,X)
  19 Mon  SSC Last date to Register for QUIZ & Off Stage Items
Sept (6th School closes for Mid Term Holidays)(16th School Reopens)
  17 Tue SSC     Heritage India Quiz    Thunchathacharya    
  19 Thu   SSC IT Quiz Nithyananda  
  23 Mon SSC Last date to Register for SSC  Culturals - STAGE ITEMS
  24 Tue SSC Sports  Quiz  PES Payyannur
  25 Wed SSC  10a.m. Executive, 11a.m..3rd Principals Meeting  CBB
  26 Thu SSC G K Quiz   Safa,Mattul
  27 Fri SSC Maths Quiz & Maths Olympiad   CV Kannur
  28 Sat SSC OFF STAGE -ALL Writing Items  Kadambur
      SSC Off Stage( Digital Painting I,II,III,IV)    S N Talap
  30 Mon SSC Science Exhibition   Perfect Eng School
Oct 3 Thu SSC Last date to Register for Talent Search Exam  IGPS
  4 Fri SSC Rope Skipping  CMI Iritty
  5 Sat SSC PPT III  SN Talap
      SSC ALL  Drawing Items: Pencil Drawing, Water Painting, Poster,
Crayons,Oil painting, Cartoon,Collage:
  10 Thu SSC Hand ball  Marigiri
  11 Fri Cultural Fest -Stage items-(Mohiniyattam 2,3,4 Kuchuppudi 3,4-CV Knr)
(Recitations-Eng, Mal,Arabic-Nithyananda)
(Light Music-Kasthurba) (Folk Dance, 3,4 USS Knr),
(Mono Act, Mimicry-BVB Knr )(Instrumental Music-Army),
(Elocution -Hindi,Extempore Eng-KAOSER)
  12 Sat Cultural Fest -Stage items- (Bharathanatyam 2,3,4-CV Knr)
(Recitation -Hindi, Sanskrit -Nithyananda),
(Classical Music -Kasthurba)(Folk Dance, 1,2 -USS Knr),
(Mappilappattu-BVB Knr)(Anchoring -Army)
(Elocution Eng,Mal,Extempore Hindi,Malayalam- KAOSER)
  14 Mon PPT catg IV   S N Talap
  15 Tue SSC Science Quiz   CV Tmb
  16 Wed SSC Skating   Marigiri
  19 Sat
SSC Last date to forward Result & Tabulation to the Secretary ,SSC
21st Oct  Academic Assessment to commence:( PT-2 IX-X)       (UT III- VIII, ,XI,  XII )
  22 Tue SSC Last date to Register for Athletic Meet
  29 Tue SSC 10a.m Executive,11a.m. 4th Principal's Meeting   CBB
Nov 2 Sat SSC Talent Search  Exam  Respective school
      SSC Athletic Meet Verification CBB
  4 Mon SSC  Tennis  U14,U19    CV Kannur
  5 Tue SSC Kho Kho   CV Ksd
  6 Wed SSC Kabaddi      Ambika,Ksd
  8 Fri Volley Ball  U14    AL Noor Varam
  9 Sat SSC Volley Ball  U19     AL Noor Varam
  13 Wed SSC 10a.m PETs,11a.m.Executive,2p.m.5th Principal's Meeting   CBB
  15 Fri SSC Athletic Meet   CV Kannur
  16 Sat SSC Athletic Meet   CV Kannur
  22 Fri SSC Basket Ball U14    Thunchathacharya
  23 Sat SSC Basket Ball U19     Thunchathacharya
  26 Tue SSC Foot Ball U19  BVB KANNUR
  27 Wed SSC Foot Ball U19  BVB KANNUR
  29 Fri SSC Foot Ball U 14  ARMY
  30 Sat SSC Foot Ball U 14 ARMY
Dec 2nd Dec ;Academic Assessment to commence (PT 2- III to VIII, II Term XI),  (PT-3-IX)
  4 Wed SSC 9.30a.m.Executive,10a.m.PETs Meeting, 11a.m.Overall Prizes  & 6th Principals meeting, 2students ,1Tr to attend) CBB
(21st Dec School Closes)(30th  Dec School Reopens)
Jan (Academic Assessment  : (PT 3-X)    (Term 2-XII )
Feb (Academic Assessment  : Model-X,XII, Annual IX,XI)    (UT3 III-VIII)
  15 Sat SSC 10a.m Executive Meeting  11a.m.7th Principal's Meeting & Group Photo                           CBB
  Academic Assessment  : Annual Exam VI upwards to commence during last week of Feb
Mar Academic Assessment  : Annual Exam to continue
  Regular class for X ,XII of  2019-20
(*Periodic Test  progressive)        (**UT-Unit Test)